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Safety Is Always First

Debris netting is designed to catch falling objects, and the mesh size used in each project is based on the type of material required for the debris containment.

Our installers frequently install debris netting during renovation and rehabilitation projects of covered bridges and historic structures, demolition or repair work on highway infrastructure or railroad trestles, bridge thoroughfares that are over water, and elevated workplaces on new construction of high-rise office buildings, hotels, resorts, condominiums, etc.

Netting Project

Building Construction and Renovation

During construction and renovation projects, falling items such as bricks, concrete blocks and dropped tools have the potential to seriously injure pedestrians or cause damage to nearby property and passing vehicles.

Our custom debris netting solutions prevent these items from becoming fall safety hazards. Debris containment is often achieved in combination with personnel fall protection, wherein a fine mesh liner is sewn inside a course mesh personnel-rated net. The liner is designed to catch small falling objects, whereas, the heavy-duty mesh provides the strength to stop heavy falling objects or personnel.

Our Skills & Expertise

Construction debris netting systems must be heavy-duty and stand up to the elements outdoors. We provide debris containment for various commercial construction builds. Industrial safety nets are typically lighter but just as strong and often include a flame retardant protection for added safety. They are ideal for many material handling applications and available in pre-packaged or custom configurations.


Debris Netting Installation Will Arrest and Contain Falling Objects