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Mid-South Scaffold is dedicated to providing quality work to all of our clients. We are a locally owned company, based in Memphis, TN, that has been servicing the Southeast region for over 10 years. We are small enough to care for each project, but large enough to perform the toughest of jobs. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of not just the scaffold industry, but also the construction industry; we believe that it is necessary to know who we are serving and how they will accomplish the task at hand to provide the best access solution for them to work comfortably and safely. Each of our personnel is dedicated to getting the job done right, and has the experience to do it safely and on time. Mid-South Scaffold thinks outside the box, utilizing the newest scaffold technology and creating innovative solutions to your access problems.


There is not greater goal than safety in this business. Safety isn’t just a word; it is a mind-set. When it comes to the health and safety of those working with us and the general public, we go to great lengths to ensure that our employees have the knowledge to do their work safely and are performing according to that knowledge.


Our Safety, Health and Environmental Protection course, combined with OSHA 30 hour training and Scaffold Erection training are prerequisites for each of our employees to begin work on any site. We also utilize outside specialty sources to expand on their knowledge in more specific areas. It’s this kind of planning and future thinking that keeps us among the safest Scaffold companies in the industry. We are committed to maintain that same drive into the future.


When other Scaffold companies are downsizing or consolidating we are driven to maintain a steady growth pattern and that can only happen with the right people in place and the right kind of planning. We are building our business with expansion and growth factored into everything we do.


In 2003 Mid-South Scaffold was born.

Alan Salt had worked with other firms when he decided that it was time to begin building a world-class company. He began putting together the best team of skilled professionals that had a goal of safety first. The company began to grow and the reputation of quality work with attention to detail began to spread.

2008 The Economy Took A Hit

After the virtual collapse of the nations economy the building industry took a serious hit. Many construction and scaffold companies fell victim to the downturn in the economy. Alan and his crew realized that it was going to take smart decisions and stream lined work to not only survive but also thrive. Mid-south Scaffold continued to grow and when things started turning around they were poised to rise to the top, and that’s what they did.


2015 The Company Continues To Build

The economy has rebounded and that means more construction. Mid-south Scaffold has been the trusted company for high profile jobs like the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid build. From the observation deck to the cleaning of the entire outside of the Pyramid’s stainless steel structure, Mid-south Scaffold has risen to the occasion.



Alan Salt

Mid-South Scaffold is a locally owned and locally employed business.