• About Mid-South Scaffold

    We are a locally owned company, based in Memphis, TN, that has been servicing the Southeast region for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of not just the

  • Scaffolding Equipment & Tools

    Mid-South Scaffold offers to sell scaffolding Equipment, Tools and Accessories on best price.


  • Careers

    If you are a hardworking, committed individual searching for a new career that can get you off the ground, then we would love to hear from you.


Our Projects

What We Do

  • Industrial Services

    Mid-South Scaffold has been servicing the industrial market for the past 10 years with an exemplary safety and service record.

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  • Design & Engineering

    For the large and complicated jobs, we offer design and engineering services. We have full CAD capabilities to assist with project layout, phasing, and load calculations.

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  • Emergency Response

    Whether it is a tornado, flood, fire, hurricane, or spill, Mid-South Scaffold stands ready to respond with the properly trained personnel and equipment to handle such difficult situations.

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  • Special Products

    We make custom equipment and offer special assemblies, such as debris chutes and containment, designed for your specific needs.

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  • Mast-Climbers

    For projects that require the repeated transport of personnel and material to numerous levels, these products are what you will want to have.


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  • Elevators

    Best for the tallest of projects, our personnel hoists enable you to get both workers and material to various work levels quickly.


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  • Swing-Stage System

    Our modular Swing-Stage equipment is the most efficient solution to high-rise problems.

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  • Speedy-Scaf System

    This system is the best choice for access to large sections of building facades at once.

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  • Pin-Lock System

    This product line is the foundation on which Mid-South Scaffold operates.

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